Luxury yacht interior supplies

Finest quality linen and towels , customized with yacht logo or name, available in different colors and fabrics. 

Elegant plates, glasses and cutlery for the perfect mise en place.

Sofas, carpets, pillows, and more  items, in different fabrics, colors and models, selected from XYacht team Just for You. 

Toiletries, bath salt, candles, parfumes, lotions and fragrances to assure the perfect, unique atmosphere. 

Welcome on board 

and daily supplies

Fresh flowers composition, minimal or romantic, created just for your guests for the most elegant welcome on board.

Magazines, newspapers and books to contribute to the total relaxation of your guests, making them feel immediately at home.

Welcome on board 

and daily services

Laundry and sanitation, ironing and dyeing service, from professional experts selected by the XYACHT team to ensure the best treatment for any type of material, also the finest one.